Our Staff


jSr Jim Bremner, Sr. CEO Jim Bremner, Founded Digital West Media’s Web division in 1995. Jim’s main focus is video and ebook production for DesertUSA.com, an outdoor travel and recreation Website owned by DWMI. When not in the office, Jim is in his jeep exploring the desert trails, searching for lost mines, following the colorful history of the desert region and shooting new content for his video and ebook projects.
Kb Kristine Bonner is our main Web designer and programmer. She works on all aspects of a Web project from the design and launch of a new Web project to the monthly maintenance and content updates. Kris oversees most of the day-to-day maintenance on our customers Websites. When not on the computer Kris enjoys yoga, dancing and spending time outdoors.
jJr Jim Bremner, Jr. is a Web designer, programmer and e-commerce specialist. He provides our e-commerce and custom programming services. Jim is also an expert in Photoshop and works on many of our design projects. He has two of his own e-commerce websites including DesertUSA.com’s online store and Marathonbooks.com. In his spare time he enjoys photography, cooking and riding horses.
lynnB Lynn Bremner is the Director of Marketing & Sales.  She has managed hundreds of web projects from concept through to completion. Lynn also provides marketing and public relations services to companies in a variety of industries.  In 1997 she co-authored a book titled the Intranet Bible and she has started and currently maintains several of her own website businesses including PoloZONE.com, Polo101.com,  and DesertCADDIE.com (Golfer’s Guide to Palm Springs). When not working, Lynn enjoys golfing, yoga and hiking the desert trails.